Traditionally, people have focused on regions, following names and places like Chateau Latour, Romaine Conte, Pomerol, Côte de Nuits (and it’s sub appellations) etc. Today most buyers and consumers depend on people and publications, making purchases based on a winemaker‘s following, or published scores from wine critics.

Meet the people behind Adelante Wine

The Winemaker

When deciding on a vineyard, our primary criterion was the preservation of an old vineyard. By the mid-nineties, the planted vines in La Consulta decreased from 18,000 to 6,000. Two-thirds of the old vines had been removed for other crops or left fallow. We believe old vines in the right place have a unique character. Our 68-year-old vineyard Don Eugenio, is located in La Consulta, Mendoza, Argentina.

2015 Adelante harvest

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Adelante featured on Garagiste

"The wine is a single vineyard gem on original rootstock (65-70 year old vines) that gives very flavorful and rich results without being heavy or overtly in your face. This wine dictates a new consciousness of Argentinean Malbec for US consumers - one that is outstanding at the table or with friends alone as an accompaniment to conversation."
– Jon Rimmerman, owner of Garagiste

The 2015 vintage started in 2014. It will be ready to enjoy in 2016.

'As I get on the plane home, I have time to reflect on the team work and trust it takes to grow grapes, pick them, ferment them, age, bottle, and finally a glass to enjoy. There is plenty of work and worry, but in the end enjoyment. I feel lucky to be part of the process' -Ray Kaufman, winemaker-

As the year goes by, from time to time, we will keep you updated on the progress of the 2015 Adelante vintage. Here are the final pictures of the 2015 harvest.

1. After the fermentation is completed in 10-14 days, the wine is pressed.
2. After pressing the wine goes back into a tank where we opt for a natural malo lactic fermentation (conversion of Malic acid to Lactic acid) for a rounder and softer mouth feel.


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