How the vineyard looked when we bought it in 2004


When we purchased Don Eugenio we all felt a bond with this particular piece of land and wanted to be part of its ongoing history. In particular, one of our partners was born in 1946, the same year that Gioachini Don Eugenio first planted the vines on this piece of earth. It seemed like this encounter of people and land was meant to happen. We unanimously decided to keep the Vineyard’s original name.

Regretfully the vineyard had been ignored for quite some time. We set about improving the vineyard while keeping the original vines. Due to the special high altitude light which influences ripening, we set about regulating the amount of leaves covering the grapes. We changed our canopy management from guyot to cordon, keeping the canopy open for greater options due the spectacular but unpredictable weather swings. This involved putting in posts at the end of the rows, installing wires to tie the arms (canes), and moving up the fruit section to help prevent mold and keep the grapes at a cooler temperature. This was a three year process effecting production for five years.

Our grapes were used to make wine for Laurel Glen Vineyards until their sale in 2011. In 2012 we bottled the first ever commercial bottling from Don Eugenio, with sales in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg. We called this wine Adelante.

We chose the name Adelante because it’s the natural expression of what we feel and think. In 1946 one family planted and took care of the Don Eugenio vineyard. We are the second generation. We improved what we found, taking a vineyard that was lost in the tanks of Argentine bulk wine, and giving it a special place and voice. Whenever the third generation takes over, we will have improved what we found.