The History of Don Eugenio

Our vineyard, "Don Eugenio", was planted in 1946 by an Italian immigrant, Eugenio Gioachini. He built the house on the property where he and his wife raised four daughters and a son. He tended the vineyard until his death at 90 years, by which time he and his vineyard had long since come to be called Don Eugenio by the neighbors. There is no record of a specific wine being made with grapes from this vineyard; rather, the grapes were delivered to a local co-op winery for vinification.


One day we were enjoying lunch in La Consulta with Hugo Cabrini. He told us about an old vineyard nearby that he heard was for sale. Soon after, we found Don Eugenio, an old-vine Malbec vineyard in need of care and renovation. The vines were planted in the traditional French Guyot layout without wires. The vines were were seriously over cropped and overgrown with leaves. Seeing an opportunity to rescue an ignored old vine vineyard and for the first time in its history, taste wine made from this piece of land, we purchased Don Eugenio in 2003.


Finca don Eugenio

The vineyard at purchase

The vineyard in 2014