Vineyard Management

When we started to plan on reestablishing Don Eugenio, patience and understanding of the past was the starting point. From this point, we would try to blend our experience with that of many generations of Argentine vineyard experience. We devised an appropriate trellising system, crop load, and irrigation plan. We are in the process of fine tuning our approach. We believe the blend of tradition with up to date input is an expression of terroir worth preserving.

Since 2012 we have been making wine from Don Eugenio. In the process of making wine and assessing the vineyard, we have gone from the traditional guyot vines low to the ground, to cordon, and now we are at about 50% raised guyot and 50% cordon. Now the vineyard is divided into three sections, North, South, and Center. Each section is separately picked and fermented. Over the years we have found that the center section tends to ripen earlier with lower yields. The resulting wine is significantly different and worthy of a separate bottling. 2017 marks the first year of our Cuvee DE, which pays homage to Don Eugenio Gioacchini, an Italian immigrant who planted the vines we farm today.

Pedro Nievas and his family live at the Don Eugenio house and maintains the grounds and vineyard. Diego Rosso is our vineyard manager. We feel extremely lucky that he believes in our goal of making a pure wine that reflects our vineyard. In other words, a quality wine with no make up: such as grapes picked at high sugar, manipulation during fermentation, and the over use of oak. Diego's family has long been involved in Mendoza agriculture. He was the vineyard manager at the start of Achaval-Ferrer, one of Argentina's iconic brands. He and has his own Pinot Noir and Malbec Vineyard, San Paulo at 4,000 ft and wine Diego Rosso Pinot Noir and Malbec. Both worthy of seeking out.

Under Diego's guidance, we are improving the quality of the vineyard vine by vine. Previously, we devoted our efforts to increasing the health of vineyard, understanding each section, focusing on proper yields, and developing the trellising systems. Our initial goal of reviving an old vine Malbec vineyard and making a wine from it has been accomplished. From now, as our name suggests, ADELANTE, we are committed to moving our vineyard and wine forward each vintage.

Diego Rosso, our Vineyard Manager